What does it mean to BOX your bet?

When you play The Fiddy or Dime Bet you will see an option to box your bet. This means that the horses you select can finish in any order in the top 3 (The Fiddy) or top 4 (Dime Bet). If you box your bet it will be more expensive because you have more chances to win. For example, if you place a 7 1 8 Fiddy Bet your horses have to finish in that order for you to win, but if you box it you will win if the horses finish 7 1 8, 7 8 1, 8 1 7, 8 7 1, 1 7 8, or 1 8 7. This gives you 6 chances to win instead of one, which is why a $.50 Fiddy Bet that has been boxed will cost $3 ($.50 x 6).


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